26 March 2015

Desing your website in a better way to get better ROI

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Desing your website in a better way to get better ROI

Measuring the Return on Investment in designing is one of the most difficult tasks companies face. It involves a lot of creativity and innovations which designers need to incorporate to fit the aesthetics of great design into finite measurement like profit margins.

When clicking on a website, people make a decision about the credibility of any organization in as little as 1/20 seconds. That’s barely enough time to register basic functionality and aesthetics. ROI can be measured based on the length of time people spend on the site. To enable the visitors to spend longer time on a website, the website owner will have to design an online presence that is clean, simple and easy to navigate and also present a clear path to what they want their visitors to do on each page. This practice will definitely increase the site visitors by 10% at the end of the month.

According to a survey conducted, a bunch of people were asked to give their feedback on a website, which was intentionally poorly designed. 95% of the feedback focused on the design and layout and only 6% were focused on the content.

Whether the business involves selling a deck of cards or health insurance, a well-designed website will always attract more customers and convert those visits into sales.

In terms of Designing:

It should be Eye catching
The website design should be easy for the users to access and should look like it. Adding large ads on the website will make the users ignore it.

Conversion rate optimization
The conversion rate should be integrated into the content of the website, the content should be focused more on the basic information about the product or the services provided by the organization and should serve the purpose of every site visitor. Poor content, always make the users leave the site.

User experience
creating a site with excellent user experience will have the visitor, enjoy browsing through all the pages. When it is not very complicated to know what is where, its more accessible and easy to browse.

Ways to improve e site credibility:
  • Having a relevant FAQ section helps a great deal
  • Adding citations and references when available by showing author’s credentials authenticates the site’s purpose
  • Updating the site according the new trends will help popularize the business even more
  • Providing links to outside sources and materials helps user gain all the possible information they need
  • Linking sites to other credible sites increases the credibility a little more.
Following these steps will definitely help the business stay in the competition.

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