13 February 2017

Advanced Web Development with Modern Tools and Technologies

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Today we are dependent on web more than ever for most of our day to day activities including shopping, paying utility bills, banking, booking tickets and so on. Thus, the need for website development is increasing by the day and hence a web design and development company must be aware of the latest trends in order to meet up to the expectations of today’s tech savvy audience. They must be conversant with the emerging technologies and able to incorporate them in your website so that you stay trendy and better serve your customers. Let us put a glance on the current technologies which are utilized to design the most sought-after websites: 


Artificial intelligence (AI)

Among the most recent technologies AI is getting more significant and it is serving the purpose too. It has prospered also, for instance, AlphaGo - the computer program developed by Google’s DeepMind subsidiary beat the second-highest ranking professional Go player. Even other leading technological companies are also using it for various purposes. AI powered chatbots are already creating waves for they surpass the traditional website when integrated with web apps and improve customer experience. Moreover, Google is also using it for making the search engine algorithms far more effective and efficient.

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Virtual reality (VR)

Another technology that is worth mentioning here is the VR. This technology has been a game changer in many industries especially in gaming industry. Furthermore, many companies including Google and Mozilla are working on their APIs to support this technology during the transition period in the web. Microsoft is striving hard to enable AR and VR experiences in Windows PC by adding OS-level 3D functionality. As these technologies become more affordable we will be seeing their frequent utilization for the mainstream.


Yarn package manager

If you use front-end JavaScript then you must be conversant with package managers. It is very popular among firms delivering web application development services. They find this tool very convenient to manage the application. It installs packages, i.e., piece of code that serves a particular function, into the local environment from a global registry. Yarn is a package manager introduced by Facebook which is intended to serve as an alternative npm client while being fast, reliable and secure. 

To build a website that is highly functional as well as equipped with modern trends and techniques, it would be wise to go for a professional web development agency that is aware of all these advanced web development trends.

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