27 July 2015

Elements Which Results Into Low Conversion Rates For Your Website

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Conversions are like the Holy Grail for retail websites. Without conversion a website won’t succeed. No matter how much traffic a website might get, but, if it does not convert it won’t make any sense. Conversion is basically the method of providing experience to the website users in order to convert them into customers. However, there are few barriers that stop these conversions, let’s find out how: 

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Lengthy and complicated forms: 

The fields in the form should be simple and easily understandable; it should also be short enough for the users to complete it faster. Make sure to avoid asking unnecessary information which has no values whatsoever. Too long a form will frustrate the visitors and make them leave. All that the user wants to do is make a purchase, hence give them, the convenience of buying a product by asking least information possible. 

Invisible CTA’s: 

The call to action on the website should be visually accessible by the users and be placed properly. Ensure to also include enough whitespace around the CTA’s so it is properly accentuated and becomes easily visible. Choose colors that shows out and makes the button easily visible for the visitors to see and click on it. 

Guest check-out: 

Provide an option for guest checkout, which is not only fast, but also, gives a choice to register once the key task of purchasing is complete. Forcing the user to register even before making the purchase will only frustrate them and make them leave. Guest check-out provides convenience to the users in making a purchase. 

Poor site speed: 

A site that takes too long to load frustrates the users more, it is important to optimize the site for speed to attract more traffic and convert it into customers. Most shoppers abandon the cart if takes too long to load. Online shoppers have a very low patience level, therefore a site that loads too slow will be a put-off for them. 

Unexpected charges:

Ensure to declare the shipping charges upfront from the beginning, don’t show the extra charges which are unexpected by the users during checkout.  This makes them lose the trust in you. Give all the charges together while they are making the purchase decision, leaving the delivery charges for the checkout page will only annoy the visitors.

Follow these above mentioned tips and get the most of the visitors trust and increase conversion.

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