3 August 2015

Go Creative To Increase Sales From Your E-Commerce Store

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There’s a lot changes in the field of ecommerce and even the websites have evolved. The main focus of these sites is to provide excellent user experience through various innovative ideas that make users life easier.

Here are a few ideas that can be incorporated in an ecommerce website:

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One page website:

This is new and has gotten famous already. One page website avoids the need of multiple pages and also the time wasted in the page loading time is reduced. It is cheaper since it only requires managing and optimizing just one page. However, it is important to not clutter this one page so much that it looks ugly. Ensure to include elements that are necessary and avoid extra features and functionalities that won't be even used.

Product pages with videos:

Including product videos explaining about the product and its features is the new way to attract more users. Including video in the page instead of the boring content will help customers make positive decisions in buying the product. There's no doubt that multimedia is always more engaging than a long paragraph of words that most users might not even read. This is one of the great ways to engage customers and increase traffic.


Providing with customisation options to the users is a great way to grab some sales. Most people picture their products to be of a certain type or color, offering these customers to personalize their product in a certain way will make them want to come back for more purchases. This is one of the most creative ways to increase conversion.

A store tour:

Including a video of the store and taking  the customers on a tour of how the store operates and the product made and styled will provide a personalized experience. This will make customers trust the brand even more plus give them an experience of actually being in a physical store. It is a great way to increase revenue.

Categories based on personality:

Make the shopping experience fun for the users by providing products that match their personality, let the users choose from the options that beaters tines them and based on that display  the products that best suits their personality. This will make it fun, plus it's a great way to engage more users.

Follow these cool and amazing creative ways and increase the sales on your ecommerce website.

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