23 December 2016

Must-Know Things to Create and Customize a WordPress Website

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Having your website built on a content management system (CMS) can be beneficial for your business as you can have full control over your site - how you want it to look like, how often you want to update your content, effectively utilize the features of built-in SEO and update your site from literally anywhere. Moreover, you can have massive community support for sorting out issues as well as improvement. 

WordPress is the most popular CMS as it is used by 26.8% of all websites as per the report from web technology survey. It is a PHP-based, free and open-source CMS which is used for building blogs, websites, e-commerce sites that are easy to maintain and customizable. Three key factors that drive WordPress’ popularity are – intuitive administrative dashboard, WordPress themes and WordPress plugins.

Now let us anatomize a WordPress site and briefly know about its parts:
1. Dashboard – It facilitates you to access your content with a login from just anywhere and also uploading and publishing of new content, media, pages and much more.
2. Content – Based on the content requested by the theme it gets pulled via the loop from the database yet always maintained separately from the theme.
3. Theme – It contains template files to make your site run, Stylesheet that decides how your site will look and also Functional file.

WordPress themes

Now let us put a glance on the many ways WordPress specialists customize a theme:
  • They either build it from scratch or edit an existing one.
  • They customize a premium theme to suit their requirement.
  • They can also edit a theme using theme customizer which does not demand coding knowledge.
  • Utilize a theme framework or create a child theme from an existing one.

WordPress plugins

Let us take some time to understand WordPress plugins which can be used to customize your site and enhance its functionality:
  • You can integrate e-commerce and payment facility.
  • Protect your site from spam and increase security.
  • With SEO plugins you can optimize your site for search engine rankings.
  • By using backup plugins you can protect your site’s content.
  • Market your content on social media networks by encouraging your users to share your content in those sites by integrating social sharing plugins.
  • Increase site performance by optimizing speed and page load time with cache plugins.
  • Affiliate program and advertising plugins enable you to track your monetization efforts.

WordPress widgets

These are PHP objects which by default include tags, navigation, RSS feeds, search functions and categories. They allow you to add content and features to the sidebar of your theme by just dragging and dropping them within the dashboard.
After knowing about these attractive features offered by WordPress CMS if you would like to migrate from your existing site to a WordPress site or would like to create a new one, relying on any Outsourcing WordPress Agency from India would be a very cost-effective solution for your business.
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